Douglas Head Ferry & The Port Soderick Boats


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In Victorian and Edwardian times the Isle of Man was a mecca for holidaymakers, Douglas in particular developed into one of the north west’s great tourist centres. Much tourist development was centred on Douglas Head, the quickest means of access from Douglas was by ferry across the harbour and then ascending to the headland on a cable-worked incline railway. A distinctive type of double ferry steamer was developed for this purpose. By 1900 the service was carrying between half and three quarters of a million passengers each season. In 1986 an electric tramway was opened from Douglas to Port Soderick to attract day trippers. A succession of boats have been associated with this once popular passenger service. The present Karina still calls in but, alas, Port Soderick today is deserted.

Includes some rarely seen photographs.

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Captain Stephen Carter




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November 2013