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Friends and Heroes, the award-winning BBC children’s TV Series, has been translated into Manx Gaelic (Gaeig), making it the first ever animated Manx programme. Caarjyn as Fenee follows the adventures of two children, Macky and Portia, as they fight for justice across the Roman world. As they engage in countless escapades they share the timeless stories of the Bible and learn lessons that help them through many trials and tribulations. Each episode uses a combination of traditional hand-drawn and stunning computer generated animation to bring the stories to life.
This DVD is a wonderful fun aid for children to learn the Manx language. The DVD set includes 13 x 25 minute episodes in the Manx language with Manx and English subtitles. Also included is a short film from the Manx Heritage Foundation – From St Patrick to the Bunscoill: the story of a cartoon.

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