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Enemy Aliens and Political Detainees on the Isle of Man in World War 2

From the commencement of their deliberations the War Emergency Committee have also impressed on the Imperial Government … the desirability of obtaining an Alien Internment Camp”

The Second World War radically changed the Isle of Man accelerating its movement towards becoming the self-governing Crown Dependency that it is today. With a peak of around 15,000 internees and detainees held and with navy, army and air force bases the effect on the civilian population and the economy of the Island was profound.

Alan Franklin brings to life a wide range of detail from personal papers, accounts and published sources long forgotten or hidden away in surprising locations. An essential guide to those whose relatives were interned as well as the researcher into this fascination period of the Islands history.

“In the camp we were always looking for something that would break the monotony. One day they caught a seagull, so the internees coloured one wing red and one green, so that we had the Italian flag flying over our camp (green, white and red).”

About the author

Born in Devon but resident of the Isle of Man for 25 years Alan Franklin is a retired Chartered Librarian with over 40 years’ experience of working in libraries, for 23 years he was librarian at the Manx Museum in Douglas and met with and corresponded with numerous former internees and researchers into Internment, this book draws on that knowledge.

Now published 15th December 2018.

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Alan Franklin

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Matthew Richardson


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15th December 2017


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