The Giants Dreamstone


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Volume 4 of tales of a Manx Preemie

Kayleigh is troubled by a mysterious recurring dream that she is certain is coming to her from the fairy realm. More troubling still, her fairy friends all seem to have disappeared. Kayleigh sets out to find answers by herself and becomes entangled once more in the turmoil of an awakening fairy world. Her adventure takes her from the dungeons under Castle Rushen to the top of North Barrule, as she struggles to unravel the mystery of her strange dreams and to rescue her missing friends. Along the way she meets a Manx giant who sends her to meet the one person who can restore peace to the fairy world, but only if Kayleigh agrees to pay a terrible price in return.

Join Preemie Kayleigh on her fourth and possibly final adventure among the Manx fairies.

 About the author:

Kieran Metcalfe was born on the Isle of Man but now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Kieran Metcalfe


Softback, 18cm x 12.5cm





Publication Date

March/ April 2018


Lily Publications


Tales of a Manx Preemie


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