The Story of the Isle of Man


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Another publication in the series of Manx Classics

This book, published in 1901 as an educational primer for schools, sets out to tell the history of the Isle of Man and the Manx people. It shows in a clear and easily understood way how various peoples came to the Island to settle, how they lived in former times and what have been the most important changes in government, religion, laws and social conditions over the centuries. From the legendary and mythological past to the beginnings of the twentieth century, the Island’s history is uncovered and explained.


A descendant of Illiam Dhone, Arthur Moore was the founder of the Manx Language Society. He was a keen collector of Manx culture, language and folklore and Speaker of the House of Keys.

Available 19th November 2018 – available to pre-order

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Arthur William Moore


Softback, 17.5cm x 12cm





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19th November 2018


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